Peter Fernandes

Founder & CEO

Peter is a Graduate in Finance and is  this  company's  central  pillar   and   most     important   element.   After   traveling    across   the   globe   in   many   sectors   since   2011,   he   founded   the   concept   to   only   find   this   esteem   opportunity   to   build   this   enterprise  for   a   brighter  future.

Through many industries, Peter  acknowledged  the need for such awareness. Which led him to study the art, skill and technical expertise necessary for this voyage with serious concern.

He is a dreamer and a leader with many  abilities to guide us on this fantastic route for a greener tomorrow for our future generations.

Meet the Team

Our company is made up of a wide and passionate staff craving to carve a better tomorrow for our next coming generations. While being Team players and a hard working lot they are all driven by the path carved out by our founder and CEO.