Our Approach

"Our philosophy is that the integrated waste management strategy relies on handling waste in a four pronged approach: waste minimization, recycling (including composting), Energy Recovery, and finally as a last resort, landfill.

In our activities, we retain transparency and are responsible to both our clients and staff.

Our Introduction

The Solutions Inc Let's Recycle initiative is to  provide  waste  management  solution. 

Strategizing to  deliver environmental alternatives that  can  assist  communities  and  organizations to become sustainable.

With the broad network of recycling centres and firms, our  company  adapts  by  tailoring,  scheduling  and  arranging  our  opera  to  satisfy  the  requirements  of  different customer organizations.

We have helped more than 500 clients become greener since 2012.

Solutions Inc  formalized  the unregulated  and   unorganized  waste  management  industry  in  India  by providing solutions for  sourcing  waste  from  marginalized  waste  pickers,  ensuring  long- term   interactions  through  fair  and  transparent  pricing.

We have affected the lives of more than  5000   people  at  the  bottom  of  the  pyramid  and  are  committed  to  doing  so  in  the  future. 
We are India's only waste management organization  to  have come up with and inovative solution of an  Enterprise  Resource  Planning  (ERP)  scheme  to  monitor  and  track  our  operations  to  make  the  system  more  authentic  and  effective.
With our ongoing efforts and solutions, we  intend  to  divert  30,000  MT  of  waste  from  landfill  by  2020,  up  from  373  MT  in  2012,  when  we  just began activities.
Part of this will be achieved by extending the company footprint in other towns and the remainder by extending the portfolio and becoming one -stop SOLUTION  for  all  waste  management  alternatives.

Meet Our Team

Our comapny is made up of a wide and passionate staff craving to carve a better tomorrow for our next coming generations. While being Team players and a hard working lot they are all driven by the path carved out by our founder and CEO.

Peter Fernandes

Founder & CEO


Peter is a Graduate in Finance and is  this  company's  central  pillar   and   most    important  element.  After  traveling  across  the  globe  in  many  sectors  since  2011,  he  founded  the  concept  to  only  find  this  esteem  opportunity  to  build  this  enterprise for  brighter future.

Through many industries, Peter acknowledged the need for such awareness. Which led him to study the art, skill and technical expertise necessary for this voyage with serious concern.

He is a dreamer and a leader with many  abilities to guide us on this fantastic route for a greener tomorrow for our future generations.